1. 90-Day Free Consignment at Park Model City

  2. Park Model City & RV Sales is opening up a 2nd and much larger sales lot. We are looking to use a percentage of our lot for different consignments.

    Let me tell you why you want to consign with me:

    1. EXPOSURE / LOCATION - We are on the SW Corner of I-75 and Luckett RD (EXIT 139, next door to the Pilot Truck Stop). A buyer will go right by us if they are looking at RVs at Camping World, Le Mesa, Dream RV and North Trail.

    2. IT'S FREE - If your RV needs nothing to make it sellable, I ask for 90 days to sell it. If it does not sell in 90 days we get together and I give you some feedback. If you decide you want it back at that point, I will gladly turn it over. I will not throw some unexpected charges at you.

    3. EXPERIENCE - I have been in and around the RV industry my entire life. I have worked in the service, warranty, marketing, sales and management my entire life. I also go RVing. Myself, my wife and our two small boys love to go camping as often as possible. Also, the owner of Park Model City has been working in the SW Florida area for over 30 years and enjoys camping with his family, too.

    4. FINANCE / WARRANTIES - I can offer many different terms and options for financing. We also have many different warranty options to make a buyer feel safe with the purchase.

    5. TRADES - Someone may want your RV but have to sell their RV, Boat, Car, Air Plane, etc...We will take all trades.

    6. MARKETING - We have ads in many publications revolving around the RV industry. We also participate in many RV shows throughout Florida. Most importantly is the time and effort put into our website and online classifieds (which we are linked to many). I work every day keeping our site up to date. I also have a full time company that watches the ever changing market trends and keeps our site fresh and easy to find on all search engines.

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